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save myself or go down together

we can save them both

written by Hinke Jensen, MS, LMHP

Imagine you are drowning and someone hands you a baby. This is the reality for so many of the women who seek our help. The news of a positive pregnancy test is incomprehensible to a woman already fighting a losing battle against the waves. Barely treading water before, she now feels the water rising even faster. Panic starts to sink in as she faces a seemingly impossible choice: “Do I let go of my child and attempt to save myself? Or will we go down together?”

Our mission at EPS is to save the mother, first. We throw her a life raft to keep her alive and afloat without needing to let go of her child. We encourage and support the woman, build trust, and guide them both safely back to shore. Yet our work is far from over when they get their feet back on solid ground.

This is the time to examine the events leading up to the woman almost drowning in the first place. Did she encounter unexpected storms on her journey? Was her boat defective? Did she not know how to swim? Was she too traumatized to remember to breathe when the waves of life crashed down on her?

Only when we understand the events that led to the woman’s near drowning, can we begin to take the necessary steps that will lead to transformational change. We can show her how to navigate around the storms and help her fix her boat. We can teach her to become a skilled swimmer and remove some of the weight she carries so the waves can no longer puller her under. We can empower her to rise above the tide and remind her to breathe even when the waves crash down.

We can help save the life of the baby and transform the life of the mother, so she will never find herself drowning again.