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Executive Director


At EPS, we truly feel blessed spiritually by the women who trust us to help them and their children. We’re thankful to all our moms for that trust, and we pray for the wisdom to support them well.

To provide them the quality care they deserve, we hold our staff and volunteers to our Core Values:

Dedicated to Life. EPS is founded on the core principle of upholding the dignity of all persons – born and unborn. Every service we offer – from pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to boutique shopping and professional counseling – is explicitly life-affirming.

Honest & Authentic. EPS is transparent in all our services. We tell the truth by providing accurate testing and factual information. We tailor our pregnancy options education and Life Services programs to each woman’s unique situation.

Respectful. At EPS, women experience a non-judgmental, safe, confidential and professional atmosphere. From high quality maternity and baby items (which clients earn through their own efforts) to professional counseling and community connections, all clients are loved and supported no matter what circumstances they are facing.

Excellence in Our Works. EPS recruits, trains, hires and retains mission-driven, qualified staff and volunteers. We employ licensed and certified medical, counseling and social work staff. All volunteers undergo a minimum of four weeks of training.

Compassionate Service. At EPS, we are honored to serve. Women trust us with their most difficult challenges, and we meet their struggles with love, encouragement and hope for the future.

As you read through the rest of our website, I invite you to prayerfully discern how you can help EPS live out these core values. Whether it is a monthly financial commitment to EPS, assistance with in-kind donations or time spent volunteering, every single one of us is responsible for bringing Christ’s love into this world. Together, we are creating transformative experiences for women facing unexpected and under-supported pregnancies. We are inspiring women to choose life for their babies and a bright future for themselves!