EPS provides cost-free services including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STI screening and treatment, professional counseling, parenting classes in English and Spanish, material assistance, and resource information on medical care, maternity housing, food, and more!


Since 1973, Essential Pregnancy Services (EPS) has existed to provide cost-free, holistic, life-affirming services to women facing unexpected and under-supported pregnancies. Empowering women is our top priority. We believe that a woman can make a life-affirming choice when she is provided resources and opportunities to recognize her strengths, see possibilities and grow towards self-sufficiency. EPS offers a transformative experience through compassionate care, medical services, professional counseling, education, material support and resource information to help a woman bravely choose life for her unborn child.


Educational programs at EPS are diverse and designed to engage women in growth opportunities that help them develop the skills needed to attain individual and family self-sufficiency. Classes are offered weekly at our Benson and Bellevue locations through our Beginning Essentials program. EPS also offers educational opportunities to parenting fathers, as well as a support group.


The life-saving care provided by EPS is possible because of the support of a community committed to protecting and nurturing the lives of both mother and child. EPS is passionate about honoring the feelings of a woman about her pregnancy as she seeks our services. We work to address concerns, fears and hopes in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Our peaceful spaces give a woman the time and support she needs to process her feelings so that she may make healthy choices for herself, her health and the life of her child. When a woman chooses life, EPS is committed to supporting her before and after the birth of her child. Additional resources are extended to women with prior abortions and follow up calls are made extending post-abortive support services to those who go on to have an abortion.


Pictured above: EPS mom Akossiva and baby Larissa