“My name is Aledia and I have utilized Essential Pregnancy Services since the day they told me I was pregnant with my oldest son. I am a wife to Ean and mother of three amazing boys: Orlando, age 18; James, age 12; and our newest planned addition Nahir, age 8 months.

Our family lives in a beautiful home in the District 66 area of Omaha, NE. I work part-time at a busy Psychologist’s office and I am a full-time support system for my husband who is currently a candidate for the Greater Omaha 2017 Mayoral race. Although my life is very busy, I am so appreciative of where God has allowed me to be at this moment.

Forsaken by my family as a teen, two words to describe how I felt was emotional orphan. Left abandoned by my mother and stepfather, I searched for ways to fill that love void. 

At a time when I needed help, I found EPS. EPS offered services to confirm my hunch that I was pregnant. I was thinking I was only going to get a for sure yay or nay on the pregnancy but, to my surprise, they had support persons to explain to me options for my pregnancy. Because of the void of love I felt in my heart from my life experiences, there was no question about my pregnancy; I knew I wanted to parent. Just the thought of the new life within me warmed the room I sat in.

During my first pregnancy, I continued to visit EPS regularly and earned care currency through the Beginning Essentials program classes and I utilized the resource room. I was able to use the care currency to buy very important items like a crib and a car seat for my son. I also spent time working on educational worksheets that helped prepare me to parent. Despite struggling to stay focused on work and caring for myself, I felt so empowered to provide for my child.

Over the years, my life changed. I matured and was in a more stable situation. However, I found myself yearning for a sense of belonging. I became pregnant again. Thank goodness, I found EPS again but in a different location and offering even more resources. 

Almost twelve years later, I am married. My oldest is graduated from high school and has one foot out the door. My husband I recently decided it was time for a new addition to our family. Immediately after finding out I was pregnant through my primary doctor, I called EPS. I was not in need of all their wonderful services like pregnancy testing, ultrasound or even options for this pregnancy, I was in search of fellowship with the other mothers.

EPS has a special spot in my heart and I will always remember the wonderful smiles, caring voices, and the knowledge they have bestowed upon me to better prepare me to care for and make informed choices for my family.”


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